A glimpse on the technology as a siamese twin to housing/ accommodation and real estate at large.

This is the 21st century! Technology is actively disrupting every sector and industry; real estate and affordable housing not spared. Landlords, Realtors and Rentals management companies that fail to innovate, invent and optimize their business operation processes would likely get to the museum shelves. This is due to the redefinition in the ever changing patterns in preference and shift in consumer behaviors in the trade.

high-rise technology in housing

Incipiently, modern technology has been of assistance in cutting expensive human labor and replacing with technological labour. Financially fruitful companies have perfected the art of maximizing on their assets. Computerization of materials such as powered hand drills, compressor driven nail guns and paint sprayers are some of the current ways productivity has increased in property development as well as cut cost of what could be expensive manpower in terms of human labor. Machines are also efficient in terms of speed and accuracy.

In a different perspective, the rise of reservation systems in some professions platforms and portals have recently been on the rise, majorly guiding potential tenants, landlords and developers on the trends. Through such an important inventory, finding a house or location is as close as your mobile phone screen is to your face. Accommodation is a tap away at any time. Isn’t this exhilarating? 

Under the same, online booking has reduced conflicts in the rush for very scarce units that could possibly be experienced in manual systems. 

Now, let us take a look at the social media factor. With the changing times, social media is transitioning from a place where people have online diaries to very important e-commerce platforms. Consequently, beautiful housing units, well mowed lawns in leafy suburbs pictures these days shall flavor your Instagram, coloring your Facebook and transfigure your tweeter feed. Majorly social media should be an alpha priority in marketing given that most people spend their time on them. 

Come to think of the comfort that comes with realestatetech that has brought modernly automated systems in residential areas. We are taking into consideration the incorporation of intelligent features that add value to homes of owners or prospective owners who derive pleasure from luxurious housing. Secure with fire alarms and smoke sensors, we are guarded from unanticipated perils like sudden infernos. Automated locks, lifts and elevators are very central security aspects that any developer must prioritize when thinking of and setting up units in the real estate.

Computers-in-real estate
the rise of reservation systems in real estate

Management of energy systems, remote monitoring, and effectiveness of heating and cooling systems (HVAC) are no longer considered a luxury, but a basic for most and eventually all developers and consumers.  

It is almost impossible to think of housing without technology resounding in mind. With the web as a massive source of information, it is necessary that we incorporate housing and accommodation with technology. We are in a generation that is fully if not majorly run on technology. Our sole responsibility is to be adaptive to the changes, embrace technology and living shall never get any easier. 

Captain Waliuba

The Author is an ICT consultant, Innovator, Creative writer and a Digital Marketing help hand at CaptainTeknics Solutions

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