Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a Brand’s perfect Bed of Rosses ~ A Naivasha Case Study.

At the serene Karagita road of Naivasha, you are met with a breath taking array of busy stalls dubbed “Oserian” and “Finley” at the sides of the road. Faces of jovial women boom with a promising future in a busy town are visible.

With a keen interest on the Brand-Power: Oserian[1] and Finley and these are flower processing firms in Naivasha.

The company has a hard to ignore impact on the community and judging by the outstanding nature of the company, it is clear that its affirmative publicity is rooted to the core of the lives of the people.

Business for community livelihood
Business for community livelihood

A goal oriented organization not limited to Tech startups in Nairobi, Top Real estate Companies in Kenya or Best Property Management Agencies in Nairobi keeps the outlook of its Macro -environment a priority. How and what is the contribution of the company towards keeping the environment sustainably habitable? There is little conflict between when industrial waste is properly disposed. The example of Oserian and Finley companies have set up compressor tanks that liquefy harmful gas for chemical uses in making pesticides. This not only conserves the environment, but also is an act of being in line with global standards towards sustaining the ozone layer.

Business for sustainable environmental conservation
Business for sustainable environmental conservation

Can’t real estate developers and affordable housing proponents convert the waste black cotton soil into vertical farming gardens; Reclaim the open quarries and use the budget excesses in upgrading rural roads for better storm water management? Definitely, with the mammoth building and construction projects around the city besides the huge sums of dollars exchanging hands daily in the late evening Java coffee tables in prime plots purchases, these contractors and real estate bigwigs can extensively give back to the community.

Sustainable CSR strategy and impact on Business brand-power
Sustainable CSR strategy and impact on Business brand-power

Lately, companies have been involved with setting up foundations and direct philanthropic activities to societies. This noble act of giving back to the society has a great effect on the positive public appearance of the company. In Naivasha, we get to encounter Oserian Football Club that is fully sponsored by Oserian Company. The company organizes biannual tournaments where people get to watch soccer and interact with, staff, directors and investors. Customer engagement is improved when the corporate social responsibility basics like such are set up.

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Oserian primary and secondary schools offer subsidized education to children in the area. A public image plays a major role in business. If an organisation is seen to have a beneficial social role in the society, the confidence and affection of the customers is built a great deal.

People visiting Naivasha town for the first time will be intrigued to know what this Oserian thing on billboards, road signs and groceries stalls are. You need to know that by branding stalls for local mama mbogas with the company name, the company is creating a Brand awareness of their floricultural products. Branding and marketing are a key to any success. Virgin Antlatic and Microsoft Corporation are a living success of smart and massive marketing and CSR. It is hard to sell any idea or business to people who are not informed.

Best CSR strategies and guidelines for real estate developers
Best CSR strategies and guidelines for real estate developers

Investors need to know their contribution is not only of importance to firms, but also worth to the society. We cannot lose ourselves in profit at the expense of humanity. Giving back is invaluable. We create new patterns and opportunities by involving the public. That is what defines humanity.

Recently, Hao Finder set it clear in its Strategic Plan (2019-22) that besides connecting to affordable and reliable Residential houses and Apartments, it shall make sure at least 100 school going kids get computer operations, applications and basic programming skills by end of 2019.

[1] A local floriculture company.

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