Housing and Real Estate Consumer Preferences -2019

With the onset of different trends in exquisite and affordable housing in Kenya, people tend to want houses tailored to suit their demands. 

In the housing and accommodation sector, there is need for such luxurious houses, bearing in mind the financial key factor of AFFORDABILITY.  

What do the Kenyan tenants want? What do landlords give? These are potent questions for attainment of better rental accommodation and equally affordable housing and apartment units in Kenya and East Africa.

Convenience has always been a prime factor. If your target tenants are college kids, how accessible is the unit to the school? 

Affordability of housing units and furnished apartments in kenya

You have flats designed for middle class. Most prefer a quiet suburb after a probably hectic day at work. Every developer, whether active or prospective must pay a handsome amount of attention to this. 

As an accommodation and housing player in Kenya, it is always key to ensure stability in service delivery. How often is the dispensing of essentials like security? Maintenance? 

Captain Waliuba

The Author is an ICT consultant, Innovator, Creative writer and a Digital Marketing help hand at CaptainTeknics Solutions

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