Most used Rental House Search Keywords and Affordable Housing locations in Kenya

Up time statistics put the Kenya’s urban rentals demand to about 80% of the population; however, both the private affordable housing developers such as Koto Housing Ltd, Heri homes, Cytonn Investment and the National Housing Corporation can only meet 40% of this.

How do the “homeless kenyans” get to acquire somewhere to put their heads? The exponential rentals demand around Nairobi city, Mombasa, Kisumu and Kiambu has made the emergence of numerous house listing websites and Mobile Apps such as: Pata Hao, Mkeja, Buy n Rent Kenya, Rentpoa with a common goal of leveraging on the internet and software technology to provide real time access to rental housing.

Perfect and rogue property management and house agencies haven’t pulled a cold shoulder on this lucrative market that is ideally driven by desperate demand and skinny supply. “No solutions without problems,”the anti- Apartheid father, Nelson Mandela discovered.

What are some of the prolific house search Keywords and affordable housing locations that Kenyans are using? Take a look below:

  • To Rent Tassia
  • To Rent Pipeline
  • To Rent Dolnholm
  • To Rent Fedha
  • To Rent Utawala
  • To Rent KayoleTo Rent Rwaka
  • To Rent Ruai
  • To Rent Kinoo
  • To Rent Kirigiti
  • To Rent Kilimani
  • To Rent Nairobi
  • 1 bedroom Tassia
  • 2 bedroom Tassia
  • 1 bedroom Donholm
  • 2 bedroom Dolnholm
  • 2 bedroom Utawala
  • 1 beedroom Utawala
  • 1 bedroom Pipeline
  • 2 bedroom Pipeline
  • 1 bedroom Fedha
  • 2 bedroom Fedha
  • 1 bedroom Kayole
  • 2 bedroom kayole

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